About Us

Our approach is to set up each child for future success. We do this by always putting your child at the centre and by keeping the short and longer term aspirations of your family in mind.

The Education Concierge was founded by Gabrielle Villani BA (Hons), B ED (Distinction), MA Media (Distinction), MA Literacy Development, FCollT, whose skills and expertise in educational management and independent school education span pre-preparatory (early years), preparatory (primary) and secondary schooling in both the UK and abroad.

Gabrielle founded The Education Concierge in 2013 and directed this prior to joining Salamanca Group as Head of Education Services for five years. During this time, she merged her education background with experience of private client services and worked alongside family offices and private client advisors to find the most appropriate and reputable schools, university courses and careers experiences for families.

In her role as a school manager of a London independent school, Gabrielle experienced first-hand the need for parents to receive impartial, trusted advice and personal attention with their child’s education. With 20 years’ experience in nurturing the academic development of children aged 3 to 17 years, Gabrielle has expert knowledge of how children learn and how to cater to their educational needs. She understands that a child’s future is shaped by the quality of education he or she receives. Supporting families with educational choices and planning ‘next steps’ in a child’s education, are two essential skills that Gabrielle brings to helping families.

Gabrielle understands that in a global economy, and in senior positions of business; families are often required to move in a moment’s notice. Making a transition to the right educational ‘home’ can be complex. With this in mind, she established The Education Concierge to ease the transition process and provide families with insights and solutions for enhancing their child’s education.

What We Do

The Education Concierge is a bespoke education consultancy for parents, designed to source the most appropriate educational solutions for their children. We lead the way in providing parents with insights and tailored consultancy about:

  •  What makes for a successful school application
  •  What makes for a successful university application
  •  Finding the right educational environment
  •  How to effectively navigate the transition from school to university
  •  Advising on education matters beyond university

We not only demystify the processes of school and university admissions, we also provide first class advice and assistance to parents in matters of school and university course selection. Families recognise that we know and understand children’s needs first-hand.

Whether families are familiar with the UK independent school system and university system and need help with ‘next steps’ for their child, or are completely new to it by way of international relocation, parents value our dedicated service and attention to detail by entrusting The Education Concierge to meet their needs.


During the initial consultation we meet with you to understand you and your child’s needs, aspirations and priorities. We set out the services you may require for your child’s education and establish forms of action that shall address your family’s needs.

We welcome consultations via telephone for ease of communication if you are contacting us from abroad.

For those parents who are new to the UK independent school system and who may require further information, we provide a summary of the system, transition points for the next phase of schooling and what to expect when making an application.

We take great care to consider your child, and his or her learning profile, first and foremost.

Our comprehensive academic review allows for your child’s learning profile to be analysed in full. We identify relative strengths, weaknesses and any gaps in curriculum exposure or knowledge, so as to professionally recommend the best fit educational settings.

We draw upon first hand expertise and knowledge of teaching and learning to ensure that educational opportunities are maximised.

From our experience in education and liaising with families, we understand that selecting your child’s school is one of the greatest emotional and financial investments that you will make.

Following a detailed, professional review of your child’s academic profile, we shortlist appropriate schools or educational settings that are the best possible match for your child and support you with making school selections.

There are so many factors to consider when searching for a school, such as: day or boarding schools? Co-educational or single sex schools? Faith schools or non-denominational schools? Which particular schools are associated or are feeder schools for others? Whether you are looking for a school with a strong international pupil intake, the provision of particular extra-curricular activities for your child or specific languages taught in the curriculum, we shall use our knowledge, insights and our experience when helping you.

We work in close consultation with you to work through any final considerations so that you may feel informed and assured about which particular school settings may offer the ‘best fit’ for your child. We recognise that each child and every family situation are unique, and we personalise our school search to match your individual circumstances and requirements. Our role is to unburden you from the potential multitude of choice when selecting your child’s school by offering impartial, expert advice.

We work with families in the long term in the transition from school to university.

Following an initial consultation and academic review, we advise on the most suitable university courses according to individual needs.

We then help with identifying and shortlisting the most appropriate course options for your child and we assist with the review of personal statements to support university applications.

Our role is to maximise education opportunities and to plan for future career pathways.

The Education Concierge realises the importance of planning for education and life beyond university.

We provide individual, personalised guidance with recommending internships, CV building events and career-related memberships for your child.

We help your child to establish professional networks and invaluable personal insights into future career pathways.

At The Education Concierge we value education not as a one off moment in time, but a continuous process, supporting your child as they plan for their career.


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